Best Local Holes – Chris Zebulon #2

By | July 8, 2013

My favorite hole in the greater Raleigh area is Zebulon hole #2. I think it is a great disc golf hole because there are no gimmicks and allows a wide range of shot types to be successful. This is especially important for me because I usually have no idea what my throws are going to do on any given day so it’s great to have options.

Zebulon #2 Tee Shot – From

The pad is about 30 feet in front of a small creek (maybe 15 feet wide including the banks), trees frame a decent sized window over the creek. After the creek the hole opens up and the basket sits on a hill guarded in front by a massive tree about 275 feet from the pad. There are also trees slightly past the hole off to the right, these protect the hole from late fading RHBH throws and make parking the drive an impressive feat.

The only thing the hole demands is to keep it below the trees and in the window over the creek. If those trees weren’t there it would essentially be a short field hole. But with the trees forcing you to keep it low, the flat hole tends to play longer than its 275 feet. Poor tee shots will find the short trees and fall into the creek or bank, making par a tough score. Any decent tee shot that gets over the creek is a relatively easy par, but it takes a great approach for birdie to come into play with the protected basket. I’ve been in all three of these positions many times and I’ve also found a few hidden Pro Routes which have let me find unexplored areas of the course, but I won’t spoil those.

The enjoyment for me on this hole is that four people can throw this hole with four different routes in mind and they can all work. Or, in my case, I can watch three of my friends pick great lines and make pretty throws and then go fish my disc out of the creek.

Zebulon #2 offers the opportunity for creativity, properly penalizes misthrows and allows most players the chance at birdie if they hit their line. It’s a fun shorter hole that makes you earn a birdie and always holds the threat of bogey or worse with a bad tee shot.

Zebulon #2
Distance: 275’
Par: 3
Ace Run Path: LHFH or RHBH
OB: A road is way out left up the small hill which the basket lies.
Hazards: Creek runs in front of pad and then up the left side.

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