Disc Announcement: Innova’s Foxbat Mid

By | October 26, 2013

A few days ago Innova announced a new mid-range disc called the Foxbat.


Some people might not know that the Foxbat was a nickname for a super high speed recon plane produced in 1970, the MiG-25, that was primarily used by the Russian Airforce.

The fun fact about this plane was that it could reach speeds in excess of Mach 3 but would routinely melt it’s engines so it was advised to keep it under a nice relaxing Mach 2.8. Seems like the perfect name for a high speed driver right?

Instead Innova named it’s new mid after the supersonic plane.  Makes perfect sense to me, I’m expecting the Liger disc next.

Discgolf Foxbat

According to Innova the Foxbat has ratings of 5, 6, -1, 0. Even though it’s flight rating seems to have a lot of overlap with existing Innova family molds (Skeeter & Panther),I’ve stopped questioning discs based solely upon ratings. I love flight ratings and the usually do a good job of estimating how a disc will fly but in the end it is just an approximation. With similar molds even the smallest thing can convince players to buy it. Little things like the feel of the rim, depth of the rim  how it handles power, or how the disc releases can make a big difference to some people.

Here’s the release from Innova:

“The Foxbat is a large diameter midrange from INNOVA. The feature the Foxbat offers over our other midrange discs is higher glide with a small high speed turn. The glide becomes more apparent in weights around 170 grams.  For less experienced players, the Foxbat will be easy to throw straight.  Experienced players will be able to throw long turnover approach shots that stay turned over.  The Foxbat will be released in Star plastic in weights from 160 grams to 180 grams. Preliminary ratings for the Foxbat are:  5, 6, -1, 0″

Alek‘s strange fascination with mids is rubbing off on me and I’m actually looking forward to trying this disc out. Ya know, just in case anyone out there wants to send one or four to Hyzerflipped headquarters to review.

2 thoughts on “Disc Announcement: Innova’s Foxbat Mid

  1. Javan

    Any rumors on a release date? We still haven’t seen a full release of the Nova yet, which makes me wonder the timing. I think this disc being released in star plastic should be easier to produce in mass compared to the Nova. Lets hope we see those first runs soon! I am hoping we see them come on the factory store first. But judging on past releases we may see some pre release japan open molds being sold ect.

  2. Evan Post author

    Hi Javan, Thanks for the comment. No release date as of yet but you are right we are probably going to see some Japan Open molds pretty soon because its usually not too long after PDGA approval that we’ve seen those in the past.


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