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By | January 22, 2014

I have an issue.  It’s a personal thing.  No matter what I play I don’t want want to just play it, I want to be good at it. It’s an unhealthy obsession born from some dark childhood issues I’m sure but because of I’ve spent a good deal of time trying to understand the disc golf throw and all its mechanics. One way I like to practice my understanding is by helping people on r/discgolf with their form critique videos. Over the last couple months I started to see a consistent pattern in the videos that might not be something new but it is new to me based ona better understanding.

User TubSum122 posted his video and I was a little late to the party so I’m also posting my feedback here in hopes that explaining it will make me better and help some of ya’ll along the way.

Here’s the video

And here’s my feedback from this thread

While some of this advice is good, and I def agree with Allurex that your timing is off and you are holding the disc behind you way too long there are some bigger issues and better ways to think about that one particular issue.

Try this; try your run up and throw but instead of reaching the disc back keep the disc in place where you started. Your body will move around the disc and as you take your step forward you will naturally reachback and get the timing a little better. In essence move yourself around the disc. In the video Allurex posted look at Schusterick.

Notice how he hasn’t reached back at all yet and the disc is right in line with that couple sitting behind him. Screenshot here

Will Schusterick disc position

Now look at him at full reachback a few frames later, the disc is in the exact same spot, he’s just moved his body into position.

Screen Shot 2014-01-20 at 4.42.56 PM

From there he pulls the disc into his right pec position, (which is where tubsum122 starts but never get back to) before his shoulders ever move again. In your case (and mine) and a ton of others here we throw too much with our shoulders forcing our arms around instead of letting our arm get into position and using the energy we’ve built up to fire the disc out. If you notice you get the disc to your left pec and then whip around with your shoulders. Try getting it back into the position you start at before your shoulders ever move again. Its hard but you can do it with practice.

This is one of the issues that I’ve dealt with before so I understand the difficulty it is to overcome this but is one of the most important things to get the disc out of your hand with the proper power.

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