Innova Atlas Reviewed by a Couple of Dudes w/ Video

By | July 13, 2013

So a few weeks ago Innova had a semi-controversial announcement when it announced it’s new disc the Innova Atlas.  With it’s 2 part design and outer molding along the rim MVP fans immediately saw it as a rip off of their design that has MVP as one of the hottest companies in the industry.  That was also my initial thought but after thinking about it some more I realized it isn’t so much of a rip-off of MVP’s disc but more a accreditation of their success. MVP is doing really well in the market and it forces Innova to adapt and innovate, exactly what free-market capitalism is supposed to do.  In the end, the consumers like us are the real winners.

OK, enough of my business school ramblings, let’s get to the disc review!

According to Innova’s website:

The Atlas is a unique new Mid-range that combines a firm, low-profile flight plate with an ergonomic, grippy rim. The Atlas has a straight flight with minimal fade combining accuracy, control and throwability. The Atlas performs well for both backhand and forehand throwers forgiving small throwing errors better than any other Mid-Range.

Our buddy, Josh (aka Gatskee) is a disc hound and as soon as word came out of the Atlas, he couldn’t resist the urge to buy 2.  That’s a win for me!  As soon as those suckers came in, we ripped the plastic off of them and headed out to Middle Creek #18 for some throwing.

You can watch the video below for some quick flight characteristics and then read on for the rest of my thoughts.

I wish we would have gotten my reaction on camera but my initial thought of the disc was ‘this feels damn good’.  The Atlas immediately feels like well-balanced disc and a bit heavier then its marked 180g but that might just be do to the large portion of the weight being on the outer rim in the rubber molding.

Although the stick out, They aren't in the way at all.

Although the stick out, They aren’t in the way at all.

Speaking of the rubber molding it feels a little softer and more rubbery than MVPs molding and I really like it.  The rivets on the bottom that have sparked a lot of conversation is a non-issue to me. Not once did I hit it and think it was uncomfortable or in the way. All in all the disc feels great in your hand.

After the very first throw (which you can see on video) I was a fan.  The disc came out hot and fast and a few feet to the right and I would have banged the chains. We were about 275′ away from the basket and I ended up a good 25-30 feet behind it.  It holds a real nice line with ZERO turn but a nice slight fade at the end.


Atlas vs Warship

I found the disc to be a little faster than the 5 speed Innova currently has it rated and probably more towards the 5.5-6 range with a flight similar to some of the Warships I’ve thrown and if you look at theInbounds Disc Golf charts I’m not too far off here.

After playing a few holes with the Atlas and drilling several trees, I felt like the mold did a solid job protecting the disc as well.  I didn’t even see a scratch on it.

Overall, the Atlas feels like a winner to me. It got a lot of comparisons to the MVP Axis and I don’t think they are the same disc at all. I would probably place it closer to the Warship than anything else….but better.  I applaud Innova for trying something new because how many high speed drivers do we actually need?

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