My Favorite Disc – Chris AKA “Iso”

By | June 5, 2013

To be honest, my favorite disc changes on a semi-regular basis.  During that one round a year I putt well, there is nothing better than my trusty red Star Aviar.  When I play a good round at the local short course I can’t wait to throw my KC Roc Pro again.  However, like every good red-blooded American Man, I like to go BIG! So naturally I have to pick a driver for my favorite disc.

I’m a slow adapter so picking this up about 6 months ago makes it a relatively new addition to my bag.  I have other discs I am capable of throwing farther and I have others I can throw straighter more consistently, but the Avenger is the best balance between the two for me.  When thrown properly, which is honestly only about 50% of the time for me at this point, my Avenger will stay low to the ground and fly on a slight snake pattern, ending with a soft dive back to the right (for my left-hand backhand).  It’s not quite straight enough for the super tight 10 foot corridor holes, but it stays on the line enough to accommodate most holes I play.


Discraft Avenger SS flight path from

As important for me is that, possibly due to dumb luck, it usually ends up okay when I pull one of my favorite mis-throws: the griplocked, pull, skyshot (I’m pretty sure that is the proper technical term).  If I throw it high and left (again, I’m a lefty), it tends to travel a respectable distance for a mis-throw and dives hard and quick at the end back towards my target, leaving it in the general vicinity of the fairway.  This, of course, assumes the hole it wide enough to handle my mis-throws.  I’d much rather end up 75 feet shorter than I had hoped but in the middle than having the disc turn over or perform a slow dive across the entire fairway into the woods.

My best throw with the Avenger SS is a tough call.  I specifically remember parking a ~300ft hole on a mis-throw that dove next to the basket and stuck in the dirt.  That is probably the closest I’ve ended up with this disc on a long hole, it was inside of 5 feet, but the throw itself wasn’t very good.  My favorite throws with this disc have mostly come on tight holes where I use the snake flight to navigate the trees.  There is enjoyment in letting it rip on a wide open field hole and watching it glide, but it’s much more satisfying to pick a line around the trees an execute it to perfection.  Well, I don’t know anything about perfection, but as least executing it to the best of my abilities.

Discraft Avenger SS in 5 Seconds:
Category: Long Range Driver
StabilitySlightly overstable
Speed: 10
Glide: 5
Fade: -3
Turn: 1
Plastics: Pro D, Z, ESP, Flex, Ti
Most Comparable toInnova Monarch via Comparison
Uses: Long range drives, tight distance holes
Official page: