My Favorite Disc – Blake & Prodigy PA4

By | June 4, 2013
Prodigy PA4 flight Path from

Prodigy PA4 flight Path from

Lately I’ve been on a mission to find more understable discs and I figured I’d try out this new putt & approach disc from Prodigy.  After holding it in my hand I had a feeling that I’m going to like this disc.  The plastic itself is like no other I’ve ever held.  It’s tacky but not to much, very durable, and not to stiff or floppy.  To me its the perfect plastic material (Prodigy is also making a premium level plastic to be released at a later date) Getting ahead of myself, I can’t put any dings in this disc and I’ve hit MANY trees, rocks,  and chains with it, this plastic is just amazing.

For me, when throwing the PA4 the disc stays exactly on the line that you put it on from the start.  I have not noticed any fight back to the left until the very end when the disc’s spin slows down considerably.  Its been my go-to disc for straight shots and left to right shots for a good month now.  Unfortunately since there is little to no fight on this disc, its very unforgiving if you throw a shot with to much anhyzer and you’ll miss your target by a good amount (not that I know much about doing that *cough* *cough*).

I use this disc mostly for driving for any of the above situations up to 240 feet, it takes however much power I can generate into the disc and doesn’t turn and burn like other understable discs I’ve used.  I can say that for players that can’t see the crazy hyzer / anhyzer or snake curve lines around trees and just tunnel straight to the basket, make your life easier and try out a PA4.  You can thank me by giving me strokes when we play!


Prodigy PA4 in 5 seconds:

Category: Putt & Approach
High Speed Turn: -30%
Low Speed Fade: 22%
Net: -8%

Plastics: 400 Series
Most Comparable to: Discraft APX via Inbounds Disc Golf Comparison
Uses: Holes 250 & under, Upshots, Anny lines, Dead straight shots
Official page:


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  1. Evan

    I can confirm this. Blake got the PA4 a few weeks ago and will gladly throw the entire round with it, he loves it so much he convinced me to get one too!


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