When Will We Get to Watch Disc Golf on Tv?

By | May 23, 2013

I can’t wait for the day when I can flip on my Tv and turn to a channel and watch some disc tournaments. I’ve heard the rumors that maybe soon we’ll have some tournies on a local channel but I’m not privy to any of the details.  Right now all we have is DiscGolfPlanet.tv which is actually a pretty good production when it works and YouTube users who record and upload events. I fire up the YouTube app on my Roku and as I’m writing this I’m watching the 2013 Azalea Open from this past weekend in Wilmington (part 1part 2). These videos are very well done as are some of the others out there and they allow you to watch a round of Open level players in under 30 minutes. By the way, Johansen, Schultz, Koling and Wiggins are all within 2 strokes of the lead with 4 holes to play.

There is something about watching these guys hit the same trees and chain out on the same holes I do when they are playing events in North Carolina. Now, they might not hit as many trees as I do and maybe park one or 12 more per round but its fun none the less. To me, the biggest difference in Open players and chumps like me is the same in ball golf; consistency and short game. Not all these guys throw 500+ but they all can throw it straight when they need to and very rarely do they make the same mistakes we do that lead to bogeys. In North Carolina that is the key to successful disc golf. With lots of tight fairways and shorter holes accuracy and consistency is at a premium and in the if these pros do get off the fairway their upshots are so good that they rarely end up outside of the circle.

I’m all for getting Disc Golf on Tv.  Who do we need to talk to make that happen? In the meantime, thanks to all those who shoot and upload these events to Youtube. You are appreciated

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