World Record Distance Holder David Wiggins Jr in Slow Motion

By | July 23, 2013

This past weekend the Midtown Chiropractic Open was held at a few courses in our area, Raleigh, NC, and I went out for round 3 on Sunday to watch some of the Pros Play.  Guys like Barry Schultz, Michael Johansen, Terry Gallops, and world record holding David Wiggins Jr.

I got a few good clips of the other pros as well that I’ll post later but I wanted to get this shot of David Wiggins Jr throwing #9 at Middle Creek.  The hole measures about ~330 but with the basket up on the hill it plays a good bit longer.  Wiggins Jr. parked it with a Roc I believe.

He plays fast so I was just able to get the shot and then slowed it down for you.  The first thing I noticed was absolutely no OAT on the disc. It rips out clean and smooth right from his hand.

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One thought on “World Record Distance Holder David Wiggins Jr in Slow Motion

  1. nsgould

    I am lucky to be a part of his home DG club. If anyone lives near Greensboro, I suggest coming out on Tuesday nights and watching him in action for our Singles matches.


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