A Graphical Breakdown of Snap – 2014 Version

My swing-coach or guru Niq (follow his posts here or on reddit here has put together an amazing breakdown of what the proper snap motion is and I wanted to share it. Snap is so hard to capture on video because it happens so quickly in a short range of motion but here is an […]

iPhone 6+ Slow Motion is Perfect for Disc Golf

One of the biggest reasons I stick with the iPhone each year is the camera and this year is no different. The new iPhone 6 camera shoots a slow motion video at 240 frames per second (fps) in 720p HD resolution. So not only is it slow enough to capture the magic of a disc […]

Form Critique of a Reddit User

I have an issue.  It’s a personal thing.  No matter what I play I don’t want want to just play it, I want to be good at it. It’s an unhealthy obsession born from some dark childhood issues I’m sure but because of I’ve spent a good deal of time trying to understand the disc […]

Testing the MVP Servo

Yesterday my Christmas started a little early when my MVP Servo pre-order showed up from CommunityDiscs.com.  I immediately loved the way it felt in my hand and couldn’t wait to throw it so first thing this morning I took my dogs out to a nearby parking lot and let it fly. Keep in mind, I’m […]

Raleigh Ace Race – 2013

(Full Disclosure: I’ve always wanted to write something where I needed to provide a full disclosure. Also, one of the guys that writes on this blog (Evan) is the person who put on the Raleigh Ace Race. This means that if I liked him I might write something biased in his favor regarding the event. […]

The Season of Glow Disc is Upon Us

As the winter creeps in upon us we are also graced by early sunsets and shorter days all of which aren’t conducive to feeding my disc golf addiction. Like most disc addicts, I get my occasional 9 holes at lunch in but most of my summer rounds involve waiting for my buddies to get off […]