Disc Golf Glossary of Terms

Like every group we come up with our own rules and lingo and to make sure we aren’t completely confusing people we’ve started a list of our most frequently used terms that might not make sense to anyone else.

Sisco disc – We have a friend (who used to be the only girl to play with us) let’s call her “Kate”. Now “Kate’s” last name was Sisco and she wasn’t a bad disc player at all and but when she would miss a putt or a short shot, she’d let a second disc fly at the basket. She was pretty cavalier about second disc and didn’t care if someone was around the basket or in her line, she’d just let it fly. It got to the point where others in the group would try and warn each other “heads up! Sisco-disc coming in” and we’d all immediately duck as if Odd Job was throwing his hat at us. Although, “Kate” as we are calling her here doesn’t play with boys anymore (not like that 😉 ) Sisco-discing lives on but we now offer it as a courtesy to those we are playing with instead of a warning. This is one we hope catches on for all groups everywhere so spread the word!

“Heads Up, I’m chucking Sisco disc” before we throw a second putt or angrily chuck a mini *cough* Alek *cough*.

Gatskee’ing it – A short, easy putt that should go in with little trouble but actually gets rejected by the basket and falls to the ground. We named this after Josh because he is the king of chaining-out putts. It seems to apply to just about every shot that banks off the chains and falls to the ground no matter how long the shot.

“Oh man, he Gatskee’d that upshot!”

Air jinx– a golfer releases his/her throw beautifully from the tee pad causing the group to
collectively compliment how great the shot looks, only to see it immediately hit an obstacle that subsequently turns it into a merely OK shot.

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