How a Disc Golf Disc is Made

Latitude Discs gave the disc golf world a bit of insight into how discs are made with injection molding. I thought this was fascinating and wanted to share. Vibram, although they don’t make discs anymore did a video about their disc making process but be warned, mute the music. To understand a little more about… Read More »

Best Portable Disc Golf Basket

The sun is out, and the weather is so good, which is the perfect time to play disc golf. Disc golf is a fantastic sport that allows one to play on free courses to develop their golf skills over time. However, with various commitments such as family, friends, and work, it is hard to get… Read More »

Best Golf Disc Basket

Are you looking to improve your game at disc golf? Do you wish to practice from the comfort of your home with your own basket? Or simply looking to enjoy some sole play time with family and friends? If so, you need the best disc gold basket. You can set up a disc gold basket… Read More »

Best Disc Golf Discs for Beginners

This is a post I’ve been meaning to write for a long time now. Every time I go to a disc golf course I see the same things happening over and over again, new players coming to the course with discs that just don’t fit the game of someone learning to throw. I know it.… Read More »