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How a Disc Golf Disc is Made

Latitude Discs gave the disc golf world a bit of insight into how discs are made with injection molding. I thought this was fascinating and wanted to share. Vibram, although they don’t make discs anymore did a video about their disc making process but be warned, mute the music. To understand a little more about… Read More »

Raleigh Ace Race – 2013

(Full Disclosure: I’ve always wanted to write something where I needed to provide a full disclosure. Also, one of the guys that writes on this blog (Evan) is the person who put on the Raleigh Ace Race. This means that if I liked him I might write something biased in his favor regarding the event.… Read More »

The Season of Glow Disc is Upon Us

As the winter creeps in upon us we are also graced by early sunsets and shorter days all of which aren’t conducive to feeding my disc golf addiction. Like most disc addicts, I get my occasional 9 holes at lunch in but most of my summer rounds involve waiting for my buddies to get off… Read More »

The Mythical Ace Run

When we were starting this blog (WAY back at the start of summer) we kicked around some ideas for some topics to write about. One of the things one of us threw out was an “Ace Story” series where we describe the aces we have thrown in all their glorious detail. Out of the 5… Read More »