The Season of Glow Disc is Upon Us

By | October 28, 2013

As the winter creeps in upon us we are also graced by early sunsets and shorter days all of which aren’t conducive to feeding my disc golf addiction. Like most disc addicts, I get my occasional 9 holes at lunch in but most of my summer rounds involve waiting for my buddies to get off work so I don’t have to play alone.  Now, with the shorter days we can only get a holes in before the sun goes down so we have to organize rounds at night.  For obvious reasons these are called “glow rounds.”

Most of the time these involve special plastic glow discs or discs with small LEDs taped to them.  Pro-tip that Alek turned us on to, if you go the LED route there is a clear weatherstripping tape that works the best and is also waterproof. It can be found for a couple bucks at any hardware store. Much better than clear packaging tape that is more popular.

I was turned on to an option other than glow discs or LEDs, glow stickers. is selling a sweet sticker that looks like a cheaper and easier option to light up some non-glow discs.

In the video they are using a laser to charge up the glow sticker but a UV flashlight works better because it casts a broader beam.  They can be found on Amazon for about $9.

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