My Favorite Disc 1 – The Great Gatskee & his Star Destroyer

By | June 10, 2013
Star Destroyer Flight path

Star Destroyer Flight path

It’s hard for me to choose a favorite from my bag as I really like all of my discs. Part of me feels like I’m cheating on my other discs by publicly announcing that I have a favorite.  I’ve got a little more than a year’s experience playing disc golf but I have a pretty wide array of weapons.  I love my Drivers. I don’t always throw as far as my compadres here, but I’m learning. Boy do I dig my Destroyer, man.  I dig it.  I prefer the premium plastics (go big or go home, right?).  I carry a Star Destoyer 168g and I also a Champion Destroyer 171g.  I throw more forehands than the other guys in this group and I was looking for an over-stable disc because I can easily overpower my throws.  I also prefer throwing slightly lighter weights (though not Blizzard light).  I came across this disc at a store in Raleigh while asking a guy about good forehand discs.  Another customer overheard me and just instinctively picked up a Star Destroyer, placed it in my hand, and calmly said “trust me.”  I did and that disc is awesome.

Do I throw it better than my other discs?  Not always.  But that’s not the disc it’s me (it’s always me… sigh).  This disc does everything it can to help me out.  It is a high speed Driver (13) but you don’t always have to dial up the power to make it work.  Well, you do have to put a little something into it, but it will surprise you. It’s gonna glide and it’s gonna fade.  If I overpower a forehand (say, rolling the wrist over), it still turns into a roller to at least try to make up for my crappy fundamentals!

Much of my tennis game has definitely influenced the way I throw a disc (mostly on the forehand side).  I love the Destroyer for it’s glide and it’s power.  I can bomb a forehand and it glides through a nice, tight S even through the wind.  I can also rip a backhand and it catches a nice high speed glide.  It can handle power behind it but it really explodes out of your hand easily (TWSS?). It’s a high speed driver but you don’t have to throw your arm out trying to get it to do work. I use it for long forehand drives and long backhands where I want to turn corners. I also use a Destroyer for tomahawks (overhands) as well.  I generally throw my RHBH as level as I can, though I am starting to experiment with a touch of anhyzer to shape my drives.  Pitching Wedge McLink is about to get a nice opportunity to witness what my Destroyer can do later today when we play.

Brand new, out-of-the-box, the Destroyer is quite overstable, but as it obliterates trees and and other annoying obstacles, it gradually straightens out a but.  It handles a beating and still turns nicely, but it does tend to hold a turn longer before it comes back for the fade.  This is a very reliable disc.  My original white Star Destroyer took a lot of beatings but it really still flew the way I expected.  Really, how could anyone not love a disc named “Destroyer”?!

Star Destroyer in 5 seconds:

Category: Distance Driver
Stability: Overstable
Speed: 12
Glide: 5
Turn: -1
Fade: 3
Plastics: Star, EchoStar, Champion, Blizzard Champion, Pro, DX
Most Comparable to: Innova Beast or Boss according to Comparison.  Maybe even a Discraft Nuke. (

Uses: Holes 300 & over, Forehands, Anhyzer lines, Overhands

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