Will Schusterick’s Driving Tips Video

By | June 8, 2013

This video from Will Schusterick has been one of the most hotly discussed disc golf videos to come out in a long time.  There is a 12 page (and counting) thread on the DGCR forums, there was a lengthy Reddit conversation about it and I’ve watched it about 20+ times.

Although this video is more for the player who has played a little while, you don’t find many pro’s making videos and you definitely don’t find many pros making videos about basics. What I love about this video are 3 things.

1.) Will’s form is amazing.  He’s able to throw it far, straight and smooth without ever looking like he’s straining.  It is the same motion I’m aiming to learn although my body type is nothing at all like Will’s so I’m not sure I’ll get nearly as much reachback as he does but I should be able to mimic his smoothness.

2.) The Do’s and Don’ts are very clear. Most of the time instructional videos tell you what to do but they don’t often tell or show you what not to do.  Will’s does all of them and it does it well.

3.) More quality instructional videos and more figure heads of the game is a good thing. For this sport to keep growing we need to have more people preaching the gospel of disc golf but we also need to have more people teaching the game.


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