My Favorite Disc 1 – Evan & The MVP Tangent

By | June 3, 2013

Over the next couple of weeks we are going to each take a few minutes and write something about our favorite discs and why we like them. If we get the chance we’ll include a video and some pictures of us throwing them.  We’ll probably revisit this series later on down the road as our skills change and we fall for new plastic. Let us know if its worthwhile. 

MVP Tangent flight Path from

MVP Tangent flight Path from

Currently my favorite disc is the MVP Tangent which is a bit ironic because when I first got the disc I couldn’t throw it worth a damn.  It would constantly turn and burn out of my hand or I’d just grip lock it to the right. Blake, who immediately loved his, forced me to keep throwing it and I slowly fell for her sweet lines and easy control.  My white “storm trooper” Tangent is my go to disc around Kentwood in Raleigh, NC.  With most holes under ~250ft the Tangent is perfect for me out there.  It handles power better than a putter and I can ease up on it and still keep it on a straight line for some of the shorter shots. The Tangent is easy to hyzer-flip for those tight straight shots but also holds a great anhyzer line for those left to right holes.  When you get out in the open and power it up, it holds a predictable line with a short fade and a slight turn at the end. It’s got great glide and is easy to throw.  It think its a great disc for new players to learn form and probably most similar to Discraft’s Comet in terms of flight path and controllability. When I’m not at Kentwood, i use the Tangent for similar shots under 225′ and for any kind of upshot backhand or forehand. It really is the one disc I will not take out of my bag no matter where I am playing.

Currently, the Tangent is available from all your favorite disc sellers (ours is, Hi Justin!) in Neutron, Proton and Eclipse plastic.  I’ve only thrown the tangent in the Neutron plastic although I seem to prefer the Proton plastic in my Axis.

MVP Tangent in 5 seconds:
Category: Midrange
StabilityNeutral to Understable
Speed: 5
Glide: 5
Fade: -2
Turn: 1
Plastics: Neutron, Proton, Eclipse
Most Comparable to: Discraft Comet via Comparison
Uses: Holes 250 & under, Upshots, Forehand upshots, Anny lines
Official page:

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